Applying the Health IQ & EQ for analysis prior to Biofeedback

I consist of applied this straightforward questionnaire for our 5000 customers throughout the world ahead of their biofeedback critiques. The correlation in between the questionnaire good results, biofeedback success and CBC blood verify good results was around 90% suggesting that lifestyle-design and style and strain manage correlates with our actual physical, psychological and psychological health.
Your Health and fitness IQ Attempt
Never ever= 0; From time to time=5; Usually=10
1. Having behavior: Considerably less sodas/sugar/flour/Fat; Far more greens, culmination, total grains.
2. Consuming behaviors (2 L everyday). Normal alkaline h2o + fifty percent a teaspoon of lemon.
3. Alkaline pH >7.3 by way of consuming further alkaline foodstuff and much less acid food items.
4. Conditioning practices: 30 min. of cardio + body weight performing exercises a few occasions for every 7 days.
5. Wholesome deep respiratory behavior towards the stomach not shallow upper body respiratory.
6. Deep sleeping practices no afterwards than 10 PM.
7. Disappointment handle abilities. Day-to-day meditation and rest.
8. Healthier romance/social abilities.
9. Day-to-day health supplements of vitamins and minerals, minerals and anti-oxidants (large potency).
10. Lowering use of medicine and publicity towards poisonous residence solutions.
The Sum Wellbeing Index Ranking
Min= 0 ; Often= 50 ; Every day=100
Your health IQ Rating
If your rating is underneath 50 make sure you abide by Individuals nutritional rules:
Sensible: [Extra]: uncooked or steamed greens, end result, lean organic and natural fowl/fish, complete grains, seeds, sprouts, beans, legumes, herbs, natural tea, simple yogurt, insane in just moderation, substantial fiber foodstuff
Not advised: [A lot less]: white flour/ gluten/rice/ sugar/ bread/ pasta/Junk/fried food/ dairy/ sodas/ espresso/ alcoholic beverages.
Basics: extra O2, excess H2O, deep snooze, nutritional supplements, laughter, conditioning, appreciate, therapeutic massage, and detoxification.
Incorporate 1 tsp of lemon towards your drinking water every day. Employ olive oil/apple cider vinegar and lemon within just salads day-to-day.
Well being EQ [Psychological Intelligence] Check
1. I am constructive more than existence 10 [Constantly] 5 [From time to time] 0 [Scarce]
2. I am joyful over my occupation 10 5 0
3. I am content relating to my associations 10 5 0
4. I regulate each day strain perfectly 10 5 0
5. I am a lifelong learner 10 5 0
6. I am superior at scenario resolving 10 5 0
7. I manage conflicts very well 10 5 0
8. I answer very well towards grievance 10 5 0
9. I just take together properly with other people 10 5 0
10. I enjoy myself /some others visit more information unconditionally 10 5 0
Volume Rating: 100 [Good]; 50 [Realistic]; 0 [Bad]