Dateline: Los Angeles Could possibly 15, 2030 – U.S. Federal government Cancelled

Through a slender margin, both equally properties of congress agreed toward terminate the Authorities of the United Says. The moment several years of combat, President Polin incorporates at some point achieved her mom’s aspiration; the general close of governing administration manage.
Upon the roadways of L.A. can be listened to the celebratory exclamations this early morning: „No further payroll taxes! Yay! No added Social Stability or Medicare taxes! Yay! No further armed forces payments (Yay!) No even more posting workplaces or educational institutions! Yay! No a lot more high priced VA. Yay!”
„Currently, folks and organization’s are cost-free towards hold all the economical they receive, and there are no even further limitations upon how we do office. Presently we will consist of a legitimate free of charge marketplace, and will be the envy of the world-wide.” stated President Polin.
„Country militias will incorporate no scenario using the desired destination of an pricey, out of day, govt regulated military services,” reported Governor Whitehead of Texas, „and with each and every Texan at this time packin a gun, yourself gained’t check out any additional criminal offense inside Austin! In direction of this he excess, „and with every region at this time sharing inside the nuclear stockpile, no person’s gonna mess with Texas, hah, hah!” He went good survival knife upon in direction of say that „Residence education will inevitably make it possible for our small children in direction of understand the accurate truth of the matter around faith, and not selling price an arm and a leg such as the authorities regulated course of action that was finish of liberal fans.”
Senator Fatcat remarked that Wall Road will at this ti