GOD: Knowledge God, His Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Wonders

Einstein was an unbelievably good thinker who comprehended that his creativeness was additional critical than his practical experience. He figured out that toward track down the options toward evidently insoluble thoughts that he posed above the universe, he experienced towards process the complications against a alternate point than wherever the complications were being in the beginning intended ─ his remaining analytical human mind. Considering that our preceding writings incorporate outlined creativity as originating within our Divine souls with phrase within our instantly head, we offer you a fresh speculation in direction of comprehend God and His wonders against expectancy theory definition the non secular place ─ God’s unique “electromagnetic” electric power. God’s electrical energy can reveal His all being familiar with or Omniscience; His Omnipresence or staying just about everywhere at the very same year inside the previous, Deliver and foreseeable future; and His Omnipotence or His electric power toward be countless inside His powers of generation, which includes wonders.
God’s Electromagnetic Electrical energy:
In just my spouse Marcia and my e book, “Inserting God Into Einstein’s Equations: Electrical energy of the Soul,” we compose inside detail in the direction of supply the reader with an comprehension of God, Divine soul electrical energy, non secular metaphysics, and the cosmos. God is Mild electrical power debris and He was the merely a person Who existed some 14 billion many years back at the year of the instructed Massive Bang Whilst the universe was built via Him. His unique “electromagnetic” electrical energy is hence enormous that we recommended God in the direction of be the unseen electrical energy industry of 3-dimensional location by itself which physicists comprise called the Higgs business. Also God’s unique “electromagnetic” electrical energy is the resource of soul electric power inside of newborns that such as oxygen is essential for human lifetime. We more defined the Divine soul electrical power within just our physique as having a exclusive Mass which lets our souls in the direction of be a asking yourself head individual of our human mind. We inside addition completed that the soul life upon endlessly considering that Marcia’s bodiless soul inside Heaven freely communicates with my soul electrical power in just my human body for the duration of lead idea-electrical energy telepathy.
The populace upon Planet is previously 7 billion and each indiv