Greek Superstitions

Black cats, opening an umbrella indoors, Friday the 13th and going for walks underneath a ladder are superstitions discovered within just alternative international locations that countless of us contain listened to of. Mastering more than superstitions is a Terrific route in direction of master concerning substitute cultures and it’s too a enjoyable path towards prepare the language. Just take a Greek Lesson via discovering over Greek superstitions.
The Evil Eye (“Vaskania”):
The Evil Eye, or what the Greek Orthodox Church phone calls “Vaskania,” is a Greek superstition that states that specifically by way of on the lookout at somebody with envy, a unique can injury oneself, your Area, your kids, your livestock or any other specific belonging. In the direction of ward off the Evil Eye, Greeks don minor blue eye trinkets as necklaces and bracelets. Blue stones can in addition cover your self towards the Evil Eye, mainly because within Greece the coloration blue is deemed in the direction of be a protecting colour. Furthermore, Greeks position a cactus at the front of their dwelling towards ward off the Evil Eye.
Garlic (σκI?ρδο /“Skorda”):
Garlic not basically fends off the Evil Eye, yet it much too retains share here absent evil spirits and demons. It is not unheard of toward deliver in close proximity to a mind of garlic inside your purse or view it dangling within eating places, outlets and houses. Moreover, it is regarded towards be a therapeutic energy and every time an individual is unwell, they are advisable toward try to eat garlic.
“Piase Kokkino”:
If 2 Greeks say the expression “Piase Kokkino” (which means “purple contact” in just English) at the exact same period, they consist of toward routinely contact anything at all pink product or service encompassing them. Professing the very same issue at the very same period is an omen within Greece, and they think that if they have on’t mechanically contact anything at all here pink, the 2 will close up combating or arguing.
Sneezing, within just Greece, usually means that an individual is chatting above by yourself. They’ve even appear up with a mathematical system that permits your self towards estimate who it is that’s conversing with regards to on your own.
Tuesday the 13th:
Within Greece, it is not Friday the 13th that is viewed as in direction of be terrible luck, nevertheless quite Tuesday the 13th.
In direction of retain undesirable aspects against taking place in the direction of by yourself, spitting (3 instances) stops that. Spitting retains evil absent and much too helps prevent misfortunes.
Crows are regarded as omens of misfortune and loss of life in just Greece. If on your own at any time watch a crow or listen them cawing, oneself are in the direction of say “Sto Kalo, Sto Kalo, Kala Nea na me Feris” which signifies “move and convey me superior information.”
Salt can support oneself take rid of any unneeded visitor inside of your dwelling. Sprinkle salt at the rear of the personal due to the fact it incorporates powers that will chase them absent. Greeks moreover sprinkle a fresh new Area with salt, as it will chase absent the evil spirits and demons.
It is regarded as lousy luck and even an omen of demise in the direction of go away your sneakers upside down, with the soles struggling with upwards. If on your own attention your sneakers upside down, routinely transform them higher than and say “Skorda” (garlic), in direction of ward off the poor spirits.
Consider translating this sort of superstitions into Greek and double stroller infant and toddler train your Greek language capabilities. Do on your own comprehend any other Greek superstitions? Explain to us your superstition via leaving a remark in this article.
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