Tantra – The Serpentine Ascent – Section I

Occult Vibratory Chemistry existed inside of India by means of the popularity of Tantra.
Tantra is derived against 2 Sanskrit words and phrases – Thanoti ( toward increase ) & Trayate ( in direction of liberate). This Science consists of the electric power in the direction of mature and liberate !
Growth signifies in direction of develop over and above one particular’s restrictions. Advancement upto Infinity. Thanothi implies the development of Recognition advert infinitum.Affected individual awareness really should increase towards Common Recognition for mergence within just the Ultimate Self.
Trayate signifies in the direction of liberate, towards liberate person against bondgage, in opposition to the 7 Fatal Sins which bind him in direction of the sublunar globe. The purging of mortal dross is a ought to for Self-Actualisation and the ” internal enemies of male ” Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness & attachment ) are the true blocks within the course of Self Actualisation
Liberation is not opportunity devoid of progress of Awareness. Every time our patient Recognition expands toward Cosmic, we sense comprehensive & are liberated towards the thraldom of make a difference.
The Upanishadic Philosophy was dependent upon the 5 Concentric Sheaths recognised as the 5 Koshas. The outermost concentric Sheath, the Anna Maya Kosha, is acknowledged as the Product Sheath. It envelopes the other 4 sheaths –
significant, psychological, highbrow & bliss.
Tantra, upon the other hand, speaks with regards to the 6 Chakras, dynamoes of Cosmic
Electricity in just the human physique.
People Chakras are ( inside of ascending get)
1. Root Chakra ( Muladhara )
2. Anal Chakra ( Manipura )
3. Sunlight Plexus Chakra ( Swadhistana )
4. Center Chakra ( Anahata )
5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi )
6. Eyebrow Chakra ( Ajna )
The 5 Good Resources ( Planet, air, drinking water, fireplace & ether ) & Thoughts dwell
inside of the 6 Chakras.
Environment-Notion resides inside the Root Chakra
H2o-Notion resides within just the Navel Chakra
Hearth-Idea resides within just the Sun Plexus Chakra
Air-Thought resides within just the Center Chakra
Ether-Concept resides within just the Throat Chakra
Head-Concept resides within the Eye Forehead Chakra.
The Microscomic consultant of the Macrocosmic Shakti ( Cosmic Electric power ), the Kundalini, sportest as the 6